Vietnam Visa Online for Chinese

At the moment, all Chinese passport holders are required to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam. And also, at the moment, all Chinese passport holders may have 2 options to obtain a Vietnam visa, consisting of:

  1. Getting a visa at local embassy of Vietnam; OR
  2. Getting Vietnam visa on arrival (also called Vietnam Visa online).

Perhaps, many Chinese have heard of convenience of the latter, especially in the context of continuous development of internet. This post will deal with this kind of visa for Chinese, including who can use and how to use.

1. Who can use

One should keep in mind that not all Chinese passport holders can use visa on arrival, but only those who are FLYING to Vietnam from a place OUTSITE the China Mainland.

2. How to use

It must be said that, like other nationals, Chinese citizens can get a visa on arrival very easily. To do so, one only needs to follow 4 simple steps below:

Get Cheap and Easy Vietnam Visa

  1. Complete the online Vietnam visa application form with necessary information, including:
    1. Contact information: name, email and phone number;
    2. Visa information: type of visa, purpose of visit, dates of entry and exit and arrival airport;
    3. Applicant’s information: full name, gender, date of birth, passport number and expiry date.
  2. Pay service fee online;
  3. Receive visa approval letter via email within guaranteed time;
  4. Get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam international airport.

So, in case using this kind of visa, remember to obtain the VISA APPROVAL LETTER in advance. Without it, you cannot board your flight for Vietnam.

For more information about Vietnam visa for Chinese, one can refer to which have been developed by Vietnam Discovery Travel JSC as portal localized in China market to make it convenient and easy for Chinese travelers to get visa information and assistance.

Vietnam Visa in China