A Million Travels: a way to travel to Vietnam

Are you preparing for a trip in Vietnam, a small but beautiful country in the Southeast Asia? Let’s check out a travel blog of A Million Travels, which will help you more in planning your perfect journey.

At the Temple of Literature - Hanoi city tour

Ambra and Edoardo at Temple of Literature in Hanoi capital

Ambra and Edoardo are the Owners of A Million Travels. They are couple from Italy with the wish of traveling throughout Southeast Asia, mostly in Vietnam. In 2016, they left Italy and then caught a flight to Bangkok to start their great adventure tours around Southeast Asia countries, including a South-to-North itinerary in the incredible Vietnam with a few months staying in the modern and vibrant central city of Da Nang, where they could experience the unique Vietnamese lifestyle as well as admire the beauty of many famous attractions around and explore some best restaurants and street foods stalls inside this lively city.

At Linh Ung Pagoda - Da nang Vietnam central tour

At Linh Ung Pagoda, Da Nang

During their time in Vietnam, they gained much knowledge about Vietnamese culture and history and learnt about what’s behind the smiles and the gazes of Vietnamese locals. Each day is spent on discovering the meaning of living a culture in Vietnam, which is said to be different from theirs, as well as understanding how to appreciate many things they were about to underestimate.

With all their knowledge and experiences about Vietnam, they wish to share them on their own blog in order to help other travelers to Vietnam, including their small tips and guides, their suggestions and even their inspiration they had for their trip in Vietnam. Not only with words, Ambra and Edoardo try to tell their stories with images and videos since there’s a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Based on what they share on travel blog from their own experience in Vietnam, are you confident enough to travel to this amazing country? You’re all welcome to contact them for any question and advices or recommendations. They are always available on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube!