Gifts to bring from Canada to Vietnam

If you are in troubled finding a proper gift to bring to Vietnam for your friends or relatives. Don’t worry! In this post, we will list out some of Canadian souvenirs that will be loved by Vietnamese people.

  1. Maple syrup

Maple leaf is long considered as a symbol of Canada. Therefore, when you give this to Vietnamese people, they will think of it as a piece of you. Besides, it is safe to say that most Vietnamese has a sweet tooth, thus, the diligent sweetness of maple syrup will easily take over their hearts.

Apart from the syrup, other products made from maple such as maple candy, maple cookies should also be taken into consideration.


A lot of Vietnamese love syroup

  1. Ice wine

The amount of alcohol beverage in Vietnam always ranks amongst the highest in the world. That is what makes ice wine a perfect gift to bring to Vietnam. Ice wine is made of ripen grapes undergo a hard freeze (-8oC). When a grape freeze, only the water content inside it freeze, the sugar and the solid parts don’t. Therefore, the extracted juice is excitingly concentrate. As a result, we have a very sweet wine with balanced acidity. However, the price for each bottle is often higher than other kinds of wine. Before deciding to buy one, you must consider carefully.

  1. Canadian flag pins

Why pins, but not clothes? Because clothes have sizes and sometimes it doesn’t fit the wearers perfectly. Pins are more convenient; you can attach it on any kind of clothes. Besides, in Vietnamese culture, red color represents happiness and best of luck so the flag pin also means a wish to them.

They can also be used as a decoration on backpack or in the cars. In addition, the price for each is often affordable, therefore, if you want to present gifts for many people, including children and adults, pins with Canadian Flag can be seen as a good choice.

  1. Gift taboos

Whatever you want to give them, don’t wrap in black paper, because this color often related to funerals in Vietnam. Gifts that represents broken relationship like scissors, knife, mirrors, glasses should not be chosen as a gift.

You are also not encouraged to give Vietnamese people a clock or a watch. Because Vietnamese culture is influenced by that of China, and in Chinese, the pronunciation between “giving a clock” and “attending a funeral” is the same. Therefore, you should also avoid that.

Visa to Vietnam from Canada

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