How many kinds of apartment for rent in Hanoi?

Prior to conducting your search for an apartment, it is wise to understand some sorts common of apartment in Hanoi. There are a plenty of options in terms of apartment type which fit individual tastes and purposes. Depending on your budget status, preferred neighborhood, number of inhabits, etc., you will make your choice of what kind to settle in. Here are popular types that you may see on advertisements.

1. Studio apartment

It can be described as a small sized apartment comprises of living area, kitchen and bedroom in a single space. The bathroom is separate from general living space and either has a full bath or only a shower. Some apartments may have a nook used for sleeping or cooking or utilize curtain or partition to divide bed from common area. Generally, all the routine activities from dining, working at home, sleeping, cooking take place in a self-contained unit; therefore, it’s more suitable for single people and newly-weds.

2. One-bedroom apartment

It is a small step up from studio apartment because it includes a living room (can cum cooking and dining area), a bathroom and 1 true bedroom which is big enough for a bed, a closet and a door. The size might be only a little larger than a studio apartment’s one but much comfortable with a private bedroom. You can be fall in deep sleep without being bothered by light, smell or sound from living space.

3. Two or three-bedroom apartment

A two-bedroom unit is possibly the standard layout of most apartments for rent in the city. And also the most favored one because it provides with adequate size and functional flexibility. A two-bedroom unit has 2 actual bedrooms separated by a door from other rooms, a mutual living space and a kitchen. Similarly, a three bedroom or even four-bedroom apartment has the same layout except for respective additional number of bedrooms. Families with several members, especially children, are more likely to opt for this kind since it creates privacy for each person in the home.

4. Penthouse apartment

Originally, a penthouse apartment refers to the one located in the roof of a building. However nowadays, people often broaden its definition to those on the highest floors. But all of them still have set-backs and terrace space. Residents in a penthouse can enjoy beautiful view of the city from such height through big windows and experience comfort with fireplace, terrace and open balcony.

5. Serviced apartment

This kind of apartment is fully furnished one and available for both short term and long term renters. Not only hotel-alike services like house keeping, laundry, room service are provided but also needful facilities such as fridge, washing machine, kitchen appliances, toiletteries, etc. Additionally, tenants are able to access full amenities like gym, swimming pool, restaurant, café in the complex. Companies often offer serviced apartments to their employees that travel here for work rotation. Some others only consider it a short term place while finding a perfect residence to settle in.

6. Officetel

Originated from Seoul, officetel is the combination of office and hotel. That means residents can work and live in parallel at the apartment. This type of apartment lease is becoming popular in Hanoi in 3 recent years meeting demands of commute time minimization. Office furnishings are offered while you still can live right in the office with equipped kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Officetel is very attractive to people just establish a start-up or small business which do not have too many staff and much budget for a new office.

Those mentioned above are only most popular kinds of apartment for rent in the Hanoi capital. In fact, there are more than 6 types existing in the property market that can’t be all listed due to quick lease development and emerging unofficial rental. Searching by yourself is one of the ways to have a better overview, otherwise you may contact Alpha Housing – a reputable real estate agent in Hanoi – to receive detailed consultancy and strong support during the hunt. Our team comprises of talented experts based in different areas in the city will be able to act as your keen assistant on finding a suitable type of apartment.