South-east Asia for German citizens

For most of travelers all over the world, Southeast Asia has long been a common destination, especially for backpackers and other budget-affordable ones who want to stretch their money to the fullest vacation. There is no doubt that this beautiful part of the world has become a “must” on the every trail of adventures. Let’s see what make the Southeast Asia become a desire for tourist around the world, even the US citizens of the dream country also wish to take a journey to this wonderful land!

Taking a backpack tour in Southeast Asia is simply one of the best things you can do when exploring the countries in this area, as the region is filled with adventure, attractions, sights, and activities which is surprisingly inexpensive in most part of the trip. Before the upcoming interesting holiday to the Southeast of Asia, you are definitely looking for a perfect itinerary to best fit your intention and the desire to discover the most worth-visiting nations in your list! Don’t worry too much as we have a fantastic suggestion for you to enjoy the most awesome vacation than ever! Here are the 5 best routines that you never want to miss out!

  1. Vietnam

Kicking off your fascinating trip to of Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam with historical, architectural and cultural values, and don’t forget to go sailing around the well-known natural masterpiece of Halong Bay, and discover the ethnic minority villages in Sapa – northern hills that most foreigners wish to come there.

To the Central part of this country, you may explore the royal design of Hue and Hoi An, or enjoy the most beautiful and pristine beaches along the coastline of Nha Trang, Mui Ne. Additionally, Da Lat is your gateway to the Central Highlands, and go straight ahead to reach Ho Chi Minh City – the heart of Southern Vietnam. Once you’ve discovered the city, take a trip to Mekong Delta where floating markets, fruitful area with many activities are worthy trying! German citizens will be required Vietnam visa if they want to drop a visit here.

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Beauty of Northern Vietnam

  1. Bangkok and Northern Thailand

After immersing yourself in Vietnam, make a move to Thailand, especially Bangkok – Thailand’s frenetic and thriving capital, relax by visiting most raft houses and waterfalls of Kanchanaburi. Or you can take a bike tour to explore the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya and then come to experience the elegant temple remains in Sukhothai. Changing your route to the isolated Umphang where the surrounding mountains are wonderful for trekking. Chiang Mai is also a good consideration for the backpack tour, but don’t take the night markets and excellent live-music bars of Pai out of your itinerary!

  1. Laos and Cambodia

When coming to Lao, let’s plan for an unforgettable trip down the Mekong river from Houayxai to Luang Prabang, the city of golden spires and dip into the stunning natural playground of Vang Vieng before coming Vientiane – the capital city you never want to miss out!

Moving to Cambodia, you can take a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, where the world-famous temples of Angkor that is worth to be explored. Afterward, just kick back on the beach resort and offshore islands of Sihanoukville or relax in Kampot.

  1. Singapore and Malaysia

For most foreign adventures, Singapore is an easy introduction to Southeast Asia with its fantastic tourist-friendly characteristic. If you want to find a place for an amazing mix of cultures, then Malaka is not the bad choice, and the excellent next stop can be Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur- the capital of Malaysia is a must with its perfect cuisine and arts scenes. Continuing your holiday by relaxing yourself on the beaches of the Perhentian Islands  before exploring the rainforests of Taman Negara National Park, then catching a ride on the jungle railway to Kota Bharu.


Marina Bay, Singapore

  1. Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar

Give yourself a chance to visit Indonesia as there’s a lot of things to discover by starting in Sumatra’s Bukit Lawang and Danau Toba , the well-known orang-utan centre, soaring volcanoes and island retreats among them. Take time to visit Jakarta – the Indonesia’s capital, before going on to Yogyakarta – the Java cultural heart which the best base for the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan.

Arriving in Philippines, just start your intriguing trip by shaking off your irresistible energy in Manila – an easiest way to get to some of the country’s parts that are difficult to access. Check out the prehistoric sightseeing of Palawan (2), then pass through Cebu city on your way to Camiguin – a small volcanic island village to a bohemian arts scene and some ridiculous adventure activities.

Never skip visiting Yangon when coming to Myanmar, where you can enjoy the street markets and the magnificent Shwedagon Paya, then go to Mawlamyine – the third biggest city in this country. Take a boat trip to Hpa-an before visiting Kyaiktiyo – one of the holiest Buddhist sites in the nation.

Above are all of the best destinations as a reference for travelers who are planning their trip to the Southeast Asia. Now it’s time to pack your suitcase and follow these routines to make a wonderful trip that you will never forget in your lifetime!